What are Hug Angels?


Hug Angels are more than just adorable and cuddly companions; they are messengers of hope and comfort. They are meant to inspire individuals of all ages to recognize the healing light within themselves. We believe that deep inside, we are all children of light – we are Hug Angels first.

OUR MISSION: Illuminating Lives, One Hug at a Time

At Hug Angels, our mission is to minimize suffering by delivering these delightful Hug Angels to places where love and support are needed the most – hospitals, nursing facilities, orphanages, shelters, schools, and non-profit organizations. We envision families and communities where the priority is service to many, creating a ripple effect of love and support.

OUR MOVEMENT: Healing with Hugs

The task may be substantial, but together with Hug Ambassadors, partnerships, and YOU, we are dedicated to amplifying our impact. By spreading awareness of our movement, we aim to create a world where the healing power of hugs reaches every corner and every child.

H.U.G. = Healing Universal Grief through Hearts United with Goodness, Gratitude, & Grace.

Meet our very first Hug Angel, Alora!

A comfort plush designed to lift the hearts of children of all ages. Complete with Bluetooth speaker, "Angel Hugs" App, and Crystal healing inside!


Ready to Reserve Your Hug Angel?

Okay, so let's be clear. Right now buying a Hug Angel is a bit like reserving a Tesla back in the day. Hug Angels are one-of-a-kind and custom designed collectibles, and take a bit longer than a normal doll. So, when you purchase our Launch Bundle below, you won't actually receive your doll for several months.

Which is why we are rewarding our early caretakers with a FREE Heart Stream Bluetooth Speaker for a limited time! Our launch sale ends February 29th, 2024, so make like an Angel and fly quickly!

If you are curious how long it might be before she arrives or have concerns about ordering her, please contact us immediately for a more thorough explanation.

Meet Stephanie Lodge

Stephanie Lodge is the founder and creator behind Hug Angels and is seen pictured with the original prototype she designed in early 2022. The original Hug Angel has gone through some minor changes due to safety standards, but is still a symbol of comfort, peace, love, and joy. Learn more about how Stephanie was inspired to bring Hug Angels into the world, and how you can be a "Hug Angel" in your community as part of a rising movement.