Birth of "The Hug Angel"

Stephanie Lodge, has been known as "The Hug Angel," ever since her first groundbreaking peace movement - "The Hug Mob" on National Hugging Day, 2018. Bringing together 50 nations in a remarkable group hug for world peace at Agape International, Stephanie has earned global recognition as a peace ambassador, meditation guide, and wisdom teacher for nearly two decades.


The Hug Angel Movement

Embodying Stephanie's unwavering commitment to eradicating human suffering and promoting the well-being of children and their future, Hug Angels is more than a plush company. We aim to empower people to recognize their own angel within as a reflection of their true energetic nature as living light!

The movement also intends to raise awareness around the importance of human connection and greater compassion, all while nurturing love and protection for not only our young ones, but the child within us all that sometimes just needs a hug.

Our aim is to give Hug Angels out to those who symbolize what it means to HUG the world, by lessening grief in their families, their communities, and beyond.

When you receive one from someone you love, you know they see you as someone truly special.


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Join Us! Become a Hug Angel!

When Stephanie decided to create the Hug Angel plush toy, she had a "wing and a prayer" budget. Her choices like Kickstarter didn't quite resonate with her mission. She decided the energy of Hug Angel is about everyone taking action to greater security. Not just supporting her monetarily, but energetically coming together in what she represents.


You have an incredible opportunity to apply as one of our legions of valued Hug Angel Ambassadors, where 20% commission is paid on all Hug Angels sold through a unique link during our 2024 launch period (through February)!

After that a slightly lower commission will remain as an ongoing 15% for any doll sold after our launch period, so that we can use the remaining 5% to support organizations and communities in need.

When you click the button below to apply to be an affiliate...

You help us get Hug Angels to more people who need them, and get recognized as a member of our growing community in service to the world, The Angelhood!

Just imagine, if only five people purchase a doll through your dedicated efforts, your commission will effortlessly cover the cost of your very own doll or another to gift!

We are passionate about not only spreading the RADIANT LIGHT of Hug Angel but also making her accessible to people of all ages through this "hug-to-hug" process.

Embrace the chance to be part of our mission by sharing more hugs, more love, and more comfort, while also empowering children of all ages through our free companion app, Angel Hugs (launching Summer, 2024).

Join us as a Hug Angel Ambassador and make a positive impact on the world, one heartfelt hug at a time. We will get back to you with our decision as soon as possible as we have a limit to how many affiliates we can manage at once and expect there may be a wait list. Social media and online presence will be considered to provide an efficient launch. But, we will open up our affiliate marketing as we expand.