Alora, The Diamond Light Dreamer

Alora, The Diamond Light Dreamer

Hug Angels represent supernatural light beings similar to the light of our soul, and represent the common denominator between all of us as the power of Angelic love. Love that is in service to all life.

Alora is the first in our line of Hug Angels and represents the "Diamond Light Dreamer" in all of us. She is a special-edition plush doll designed by Stephanie Lodge, and will be limited to only a few thousand dolls. Each doll is unique due to the nature of the tie-dye process, just like a fingerprint.

The name Alora holds very special meanings! In Hebrew, it means "Ray of Light" or "God is Light," and in the African Bantu language, it translates to "Beautiful Dream or Dreamer." Cool, right? 

Now, why is Alora so awesome? Well, she's what we call a Diamond Angel from the most radiant realms of creation and she's here to usher in a time of great peace in our world. That's why we call her the Diamond Light Dreamer. Plus, her hugs are super special because they bring everyone together – imagine a hug that unites everyone heart-to-heart! 

Alora is all about balance, peacemaking, love, cooperation, and kindness. Plus, she's a reminder that you're also a beautiful dreamer of light, and can help imagine a better world for all of us.

With Alora as your friend, you can let go of any worries by giving them to her and she'll carry them away through her secret Diamond Heart portal.

Also, every time you hug Alora, you're not just hugging a loving being; you're hugging the part of yourself that's pure innocence and full of wonder.

So, now we need your help to hold the vision of Alora together as a community. We are calling her to Earth to help all of humanity...and the more excited we are, the faster she'll arrive!

Make sure to tell your friends about the Hug Angels' mission, and get ready for a beautiful dream and adventure!

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