The Birth of a Hug Angel

The Birth of a Hug Angel

Stephanie Lodge, has been known as "The Hug Angel," ever since her first groundbreaking peace movement - "The Hug Mob" on National Hugging Day, 2018. Bringing together 50 nations in a remarkable group hug for world peace at Agape International spiritual center in Los Angeles, Stephanie has earned global recognition as a peace ambassador, meditation guide, and wisdom teacher for nearly two decades.

One day she decided to go all out and purchase angel wings to wear as a hug ambassador. Her first foray was at a nursing facility, where many of the seniors and especially the nurses found such joy in the experience. What Stephanie realized is how much joy she felt, so she continued to make special appearances as "the Hug Angel" until finally in 2022 she retired her wings after realizing Hug Angel was meant to be a doll.

She began sketching a rough design, struggling a bit as she realized she wanted to create a unique doll that didn't look like your typical human angel. She wanted Hug Angel to represent the Angel of Light within everyone. Eventually, she found a prototype developer in New York to help her create the first doll, which was finally completed early 2023. After that she set out to find a manufacturer, and it took a few to find the right fit in order to bring her to market in 2024. 

It's been a journey, but a great one...and Stephanie can't wait until everyone is hugging a Hug Angel.

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